Porthole Windows for Doors from North 4 Design

DorGlaze® Duo; Twin glazed circular porthole windows

Portholes for doors and walls.

Our DorGlaze® porthole windows are circular stainless steel windows for doors or walls - A modern take on the traditional porthole or round wooden beaded vision panel for doors, our portholes are designed to be easily installed in commercial or domestic doors or walls.

They allow additional light to pass through the door or wall and provide additional visibility where you need it.  They do this while enhancing the appearance of you door.

The design of our portholes creates a simple, modern and contemporary window.  The circular stainless steel vision frame is precision engineered, the glass is cut to high tolerance and all components are pre-assembled to make a double glazed porthole glazing system for doors.   Throughout the design and manufacture process we have designed our portholes to be as easy as possible to install.

Our DorGlaze® porthole windows have a round metal frame and are double glazed (twin glazed).  The glazing can be supplied in a number of different options such as fire rated glass or obscured glass.

Specified by architects, interior designers and contractors worldwide, we provide an international shipping and courier service for our portholes and have customers from all around the world.


portholes for doors

porthole windows and vision panels

Style, vision and visibility in your door or wall

Our portholes provide an elegant solution to the problem of opening a door without knowing who is on the other side. Portholes are ideal for office doors, restaurant doors, swing doors, offices, hotels etc

Our portholes are ideal if you require fire doors with windows or fire doors with vision panels as they can be easily retro-fitted to exitsing doors.  We can upgrade most of our standard range to have fire rated options.

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